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Managing Your Power Chic Lifestyle - Think Power Chic!

Show Your Stuff …….. Discover Your Power Chic

            I Am – Who You Are – What Makes You a Power Chic?

          I Want – What Drives You – Goals, Dreams, Intentions

I Have Done – Tell Your Power Chic Story – Highlight Reel …..         Movie of the Past ….. Vision of Future


Align Your Mindset & Motivation 

      Get Clear!  Be On Purpose!  Visualize Success Your Path –                                                              Habits,  Goals, Dreams, Desire, Intentions 

      How You Show Up - Engage in a Power Chic Lifestyle – Focus on the Process

      Establish Your Power Chic Credentials –  Tell Your Story – Know What You Bring to the Table

      I Can – What Makes You A Power Chic? – Design Your Power Statement


Finding My True Power Chic
Brand - Aura - Magnetism - Mystic

      I Tell Myself – Manage the Message

      Cast Your Power Chics Aura – the Moves, the Style, the Finesse 

      Step Up Your Game – Act With Intention – Define Your Success

      I Will – Your Success Habits – Setting You Your Plan & Rituals for Success

Practicing the Power of Influence  


          Push for Excellence – Do Your Impossible – Take a Leap – Get Out of Your Own Way

          Get Out of Your Own Way – Practice the Power of Influence Using/Trust Your               Intuition & Instincts

          Connect & Be Connected – Who to Take Along & Meet Along the Way

          Unleash Your Power Chic – Manage Your Impact

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