Power Chics – Women who are on their way to Have It All By their Personal Definition

Hi Power Chic,

Nice To Meet You!

From the day you were born, your Power Chic has been in the making.

You developed your own personality - your likes and dislikes - strengths and talents - discovered what you were good at, great at or just didn't like at all.

Made choices - good, bad, indifferent - hopefully those choices were based on everything you are passionate about in your life.

Being a Power Chic doesn't mean you have to do it all - although that is the very definition of a Power Chic . . . . it means you have the where-with-all to do all you want to do - and how you want to do it. Most of all you don't have to settle - nor choose one path and exclude all others.

The Power Chic Mission . . . . .

To help you become the Best Version of Your Personal Power Chic. So you can Show Up as a Power Chic . . . Every Day! . . . Every Way!

Real Testimonials from Power Chics

"This isn't your typical 'networking' meeting. This is a place for the business owner, and the corporate woman. Great professional women discussing how to be one of the best no matter your industry!!"

- Crystal F.

"I had high hopes when I attended and was not disappointed. Getting this aspect of my message right has been a struggle up until the seminar. Since then, have used what I learned from the group almost every day. And I am happy to report that it has made an enormous difference in the progress I'm making with my business"

- Athlene G.

"I realize there are a lot of really awesome networking groups around but I want to share why Power Chics is one of my favorites. We focus first on Personal and Professional development. CK is one of the greatest business women I know and her passion is to help us all become great business women as well."

- Adele A.


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