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Power Chics on their Personal Quest to live the

Power Chic Life & Lifestyle they desire and

Have IT ALL!

Power Chics Cafe

a Free Community

Connect - Communicate - Collaborate

This is a Unique, Virtual Community of Power Chics who are

ready to Activate (or Rejuvenate) Your Power Chic Journey

discover and take the steps required to

Live the Story You Want to Tell and ultimately

Be a Power Chic to Know!

A place to Network : : Meet and Get to Know Each Other : :

Share Ideas : : Ask Questions : : Get advice/input : :

Connect : : Communicate : : Collaborate

In the Power Chics Cafe:

Explore & Practice the 24 Power Chic Traits

Think Power Chic . . declare I Am - I Can - I Will

Understand Power Chic Mode and how it will work for You

Power UP & Excel

Live the Story You Want to Tell . . .

Get your Power Chic Momentum going

Map out Your Power Chic Journey

Access to an ever growing suite of courses : : Power Chic DNA Power Packs. These are straight-forwarded easy-to-implement courses and trainings deigned to be quickly and easily applied to get results.

Each Power Pack is designed to kick start your Power Chic Journey to Get You In Power Chic Mode immediately . . . and give you all the tools and techniques to develop the Power Chics DNA to Live the Story You Want to Tell . . . every day in your own way . . . as you propel yourself to Stand Out and Be A Power Chic to Know!

In addition to the ~ Power Chics DNA Track you will soon find a ~CEO Track , featuring ~ CEO Mode DNA. A ~Business Success DNA Track, and a ~Leadership DNA Track will be added to the Power UP & Excel.

Special Offer - Limited Time

Fast Track - Master Plan

Be a Power Chic to Know . . . NOW!!!

Live Your Passion - Power - Potential

If you want to Fast Track the process Develop Your Personal Power Chic Master Plan and Map out the Journey to Be a Power Chic to Know - you have a unique opportunity. This Program is in Beta stage . . . which means you will be getting even more in-depth and detailed information as we tailor this course to be offered in various formats.

Immediate Access to the Be a Power Chic to Know Course . . . the Framework for Living into Your "ideal" Power Chic to Know! Create a Game Plan to pieces in place to live into Your Best Power Chic - the steps to take to Identify and promote Your Power Chic Distinction - Define what Success would look like to you - and Design Your Personal Brand Learn More . . .

: : Be a Power Chic to Know - Course Curriculum:

  • Your Power Chic Story - Identify and summarize your Power Chic Distinction

  • Own the Magic of Your Personal Power - you will actually create your Personal Power Statement

  • Define & Design Your Power Chic Brand

  • Create a Strategy for differentiating Your Power Chic and Connect/Build Relationships

  • Power UP - Living Your Definition of a Power Chic to Know

    Includes 4 Months of Group Coaching on this Power Chic Master Plan . . .

Plus a full year of the Power UP & Excel!

this is a limited time special offer to

Become the Best Version of Your Personal Power Chic!

Show Up as a Power Chic

Every day . . .

Every Way . . .

Be A Power Chic to Know!

- The Power Chic Visionary


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